Sensei Stan Leach - Godan

Began Training in TaeKwon Do 1979 under Sensei Bruce Barker Received 3 kyu rank before I had to leave due to injury. While in TaeKwon Do began Kickboxing, several matches in Maine & New Hampshire
1982 Trained with Jean-eves Teriault, Light heavy weight kickboxing Champion
1996 Began Training under Sensei Stan Wilbur in Shorin Ryu
1997 Opened School in Castine
1998 Began training with Sensei Brad Hamel
1999 Promoted to Shodan
2001 Promoted to Nidan
Opened 2nd school in Orland
2005 Promoted to Sandan
2005 October, Traveled to Okinawa Japan to accompany my teach Sensei Hamel for his 5th Dan testing at Homobu Dojo along with his teacher Shihan Lazarus and several other black belts from Maine and New Hampshire. Demonstrated Kama Nidan Kata with Sensei Norman Guay at Hanshi Kise's book party for local Okinawan karate masters and dignitaries
In May 2009 promoted to 4th Dan (Yondan)
In May 2013 promoted to 5th Dan (Godan)

Sempai Corey Rickard - Sandan

Began training in 2000, as a way to get into shape and spend time with then 7 year old son, Bryan. Fell in love with the culture and tradition of the style.

In 2005, I was promoted to Shodan in Bar Harbor during one of Hanshi Kise's visits and Testing.

October 2005 traveled to Okinawa Japan with my Sensei Stan Leach and his teacher Sensei Brad Hamel. During the trip to Okinawa, I had the privilege of demonstrating Pai Sai Sho during Hanshi Kise's book party. Assisted Grand Master with classes at the Air force & Marine Bases on Okinawa.

In 2007, I was promoted to Nidan at Shihan Greg Lazarus dojo in New Hampshire. I have the opportunity to train often with Shihan Greg Lazarus who has a school in Dover, NH. I also have been fortunate to train with Hanshi Kise & Kaicho Kise on each of their visits from Okinawa to Maine since beginning training in 2000.

Sempai Josh Leach - Nidan

1999 June, Promoted to Blue belt
2005 Promoted to Shodan
2007 Promoted to Nidan
Trains with Shihan Greg Lazarus 7th Dan at least once a year and Grand Master Hanshi Kise yearly since 1998

Sempai Bill Zildjian - Shodan

1998 Started as one of Sensei Leach's first students in Castine
2003 Promoted to Shodan
Has trained with Shihan Shipes in Athens Texas and Sensei Reed in San Diego

Sempai Dennis Cash - Shodan

1997 Began training in Shorin-Ryu under Sensei Stan Wilbur
1998 Began training under Sensei Brad Hamel
2004 Promoted to Shodan
2007 Stopped training due to personal reasons
2011 Began training with with Sensei Stan Leach

Has attended several trainings with Hanshi Kise and Kaicho Kise. Trained regularly with Hanshi Greg Lazarus In Dover, NH. Attended Hanshi John Shipes tuite camp in Dec. 2011. Working on attaining Nidan (2nd) degree blackbelt.

Sempai Michelle Burgess - Shodan

Starting training with Sensei Leach in 2005 so her daughter would have a training partner.
Received black belt August 28, 2010.
Has attended yearly training camps with Hanshi-se Kise and Kiacho Kise. Also, attends yearly camps with Hanshi Greg Lazarus in New Hampshire.
Has been honored to train with Hanshi John Shipes in Texas at his annual Tuite camp. Has trained with Kyoshi Engelby from Minnesota.
Assisted with several Woman's self defense classes as well as regularly assist teaching in the Orland dojo.
Currently working towards attaining my 2nd degree (nidan) rank.